Construction Loans

We have in excess of 36 lenders we deal with for finance.

Many lenders are a bit more reserved with construction loans, so it is good to have us in your camp to sift through them.

Presently lenders are offering up to 90 to 95% of the purchase price. Our wide choice of lenders gives us greater ability to find a lender…

  1. Who is the most appropriate for your circumstances.
  2. Who can lend you the amount you are seeking.
  3. Who may need to be flexible to your situation. For example being self-employed, buying in remote locations, credit issues, casual employment, low deposit/savings etc.

Going through a licensed mortgage broker allows you to benefit from their experience. We will guide you through the entire process from…

  1. Doing your homework looking for the right property.
  2. Getting a “preapproval” in place so you know where you stand, and to put you ahead of any other “offers”.
  3. Finalise your application and take you through to settlement and property ownership.
  4. Keep in touch with you following settlement to keep you (and your lender) on track.

Let us find the right construction loan for you.

For more information call us today on 8447 5483 or send us an email.

Bruce, Bill and Select Finance team thank you so much for helping us to get our new home, we couldn’t have done it without you all, no stress, just left it to you guys.

Janice - Adelaide

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