Home Loans – Purchase and Refinance

We have in excess of 36 lenders we deal with for finance.

This choice gives us greater ability to find a lender…

  • Who is the most appropriate for your circumstances.
  • Who can lend you the amount you are seeking.
  • Who may need to be flexible to your situation. For example being self-employed, buying in remote locations, credit issues, casual employment, low deposit/savings etc.

Going through a licensed mortgage broker allows you to benefit from their experience.
We will guide you through the entire process from…

  • Doing your homework looking for the right property.
  • Getting a “preapproval” in place so you know where you stand, and to put you ahead of any other “offers”.
  • Finalise your application and take you through to settlement and property ownership
  • Keep in touch with you following settlement to keep you (and your lender) on track.

There could also be other reasons why you need a lender to take a flexible approach, including…

  • Marital Separation – Payout of Partners, starting over, going at it alone
  • Small or No deposit saved towards purchase
  • Your Deposit or Savings evidence not satisfactory to your bank
  • No records of savings over 6 month period
  • Need to borrow up to 97% of purchase price
  • Low income, or in receipt of Government benefits, Workcover etc.
  • Casual or Part-Time Employment, 2nd Job, Commission or bonus based income, Short-Term or Instability in employment
  • Impaired Credit Rating, Defaults, Judgements, Arrears or Late Payments
  • Bankruptcy, Liquidation or Scheme of arrangement
  • Self Employed, recently commenced with no financials yet completed, low taxable income (or declared losses), changes in business structure, difficult to verify income, need money for expansion or some other reason
  • Need to get a Consolidation loan to put everything into one loan and ease the payment burden
  • High level of borrowings/debt servicing ratio. Too many loans/cards to consolidate
  • Equity in any type of Real Estate – but still can’t get a loan
  • Many other seemingly restrictive or unreasonable limitations.

Let us find the right home loan for you.

These and many more are situations where we have assisted our clients secure a home loan is right for them. Call us today on 8447 5483 to discuss your requirements or just drop us an email.

Bruce, Bill and Select Finance team thank you so much for helping us to get our new home, we couldn’t have done it without you all, no stress, just left it to you guys.

Janice - Adelaide

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