When buying equipment there are a lot of options available to you when it comes to financing your purchase.

We have helped hundreds of businesses find the best finance solution for their individual situation by sitting down with them and really getting to know their business.

Here are a few of the questions our specialists work through with their clients to help them find the best finance solution. Our aim is to help our clients optimise the value of their equipment purchase and meet their cash flow requirements without compromising long term profit.

The Loan Options

Generally, commercial financiers offer 3 product options when it comes to financing medical equipment.


The Lender effectively owns the equipment while your business uses it.

At the end of the term the goods are transferred to you (generally a Residual value will apply).

Hire purchase

The Lender as the owner of the equipment, and your payments progressively purchase the asset from them while you use it. At the end of the term, and when the final payment is made, the asset is owned by/transferred to you. With Rentals you may have the option to surrender the goods.

Chattel mortgage

You own the equipment from the time of purchase, Lender provides the finance to you for the purchase, and the asset is security for the loan.

We can help with your leasing requirements.

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